Bella Arte Photography | Geelong
Bella Arte Photography | Geelong
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established in 2013

Photo Credit to Tania Fernandes of Tania Fernandes Photography

Photo Credit to Tania Fernandes of Tania Fernandes Photography


Bella Arte Photography was established in 2013 in Geelong, Victoria.

Although my name is Emma-Jane most people call me Em.  Iā€™m half Italian, I talk too much, cannot sing in tune and the glass is decidedly half full for me.

Bella Arte is Italian, simply meaning beautiful art.  Over the years although my style and business has grown, changed and developed, the one thing that remains the same is my desire to create beautiful art for you, your family and your walls.

Lifestyle photography is absolutely my thing.  Newborns and Motherhood are my thing. Truth be told I would love to have been a midwife so I'm entirely in my happy place photographing you and your babes.

I am married with 3 daughters who could not be more different from each other.  My plan was always to have 3 children but for some reason I had my heart set on boys, or if I had to have a girl, just one would be ok. I even said to a friend one day, that it would be my worst nightmare to have 3 girls. Obviously you should never say things like that out loud...

The thing is, now that I have 3 girls - I wouldn't dream of changing it.

I love it! Every. Single. Minute. Even all the hair.

I cannot wait to meet you!

Em x


Image Credit: Knelly Design & Photography