Home or Hospital

*$400 to be paid up front and the balance by 36 weeks.

Add 1000 for a Storytelling Leather Bound Fine Art Album {RRP 1600}


What's included?

Pre Birth Consultation

I would love to meet you and take you and your birth supporters out for coffee and discuss birth, photography and whatever you like!   It's a great way to break the ice and feel comfortable with each other before meeting in labour.  You have the opportunity to ask any questions you like and  I can go through a few things about what to expect from me during your labour and birth.

On call

I will be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your EDD

Labour & Birth + 2 hours after Birth

Call anytime you are comfortable having me there, whether you are at home or hospital and I'll stay to capture the labour, birth, first cuddles, first feed, baby's weigh, measurements and midwife checks.  I love to capture the whole story including baby meeting siblings if it's possible.  

Backup Photographer

Should you choose to have a backup photographer, this can be arranged and payment will be passed on should their services be required.  If not, you are welcome to exchange for a Newborn Session, Fresh 48 or a session of your choice.  *If the on call period has commenced the deposit will be non refundable.


Birth Photography isn't for everyone.  Some love the idea and will happily share their images to anyone and everyone.  However others may want to keep everything private and for their eyes only.  I will respect your wishes either way.  We can discuss the process of where the images go from my camera to your final printed project at the pre-birth consultation if you would like to find out more.  

Digital Birth Announcement & Sneak Peek

As soon as possible I will send you a sneak peek to your phone.

Within 24 hours you will also be provided with a custom Digital Birth Announcement to use on social media and send to family and friends.

BAP Product Shots-11.jpg

Digital Images

All Edited Images will be provided on a beautiful engraved keepsake boxed USB.  Average Digitals provided for birth changes depending on the length and circumstances of your labour.  Expect around 80+ images, although it's not unusual for birth to be around 100+ images.  It's very hard to say an exact number because you may have a quick labour or a long one.

Extras - Prints, Albums, Thankyou Cards etc.

An A La Carte price list can be provided at any time should you decide you would like to print your images or arrange a beautiful album etc.  


Why book with Bella Arte Photography?


Birth to me is private, intimate and to be respected.  My priority is always the birthing mother and her right to have a safe space to labour in.  I am respectful of the professionals in hospital who have a job to do and will maintain the space for them and your birth supporters to fulfil their roles also.  The camera shutter will be as quiet as possible and the lights will only be raised with subtlety, when it won't be disturbing to the labouring mother.  I will take my cues from whatever and whoever is in the environment at the time even if this may mean stepping out for a few minutes to give the two of you time together to labour or holding your hand and reassuring your birth supporter that they are doing amazing too.

Birth is a miracle unfolding and I will treat it as such.

Em X