My name is Emma...


Actually it's Emma-Jane with a hyphen but to my loved ones I'm known as Em, Ems, Emmy & Emma.


Image Credit: Knelly Design & Photography


I am married to a mad Hawks supporter and we have 3 daughters who could not be more different from each other.  My plan was always to have 3 children but for some reason I had my heart set on boys, or if I had to have a girl, just one would be ok. I even said to a friend one day, that it would be my worst nightmare to have 3 girls. Obviously you should never say things like that out loud...

The amazing thing is, now that I have 3 girls - I wouldn't change a thing!

I love it! Every. Single. Minute. Even all the hair.


I love to shoot in natural light and I tend to gravitate toward Lifestyle photography because of the freedom and challenge these sessions provide.  If I'm in the studio, I'll integrate as much lifestyle as I can as well as the beautiful curly newborn poses too.  If I find a beautiful pocket of light in your home, this will absolutely make my day.  I've also been known to jump on the bed, steal newborn cuddles and hang out with the toddlers during my sessions.  My family think I'm overly friendly and get embarrassed when I talk to strangers and their babies in the lift at the shopping centre or play the music too loud in the car.  But hey, that's ME and I'm ok with that.