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OLDER BABIES : SITTER SESSIONS geelong baby photography

Did you know that in the photography world we like to call older baby sessions, SITTER SESSIONS?

I primarily shoot Newborn & Family sessions which means I don't very often shoot babes at around 6-12 months.  I mostly see them again when I see them as big sisters or big brothers which I absolutely love!

I decided it was time to have a day totally dedicated to SITTER SESSIONS and see if this was a session I could somehow incorporate into my portfolio.   It was exhausting, hilarious, rewarding to catch up with some of my older clients and of course super special to meet some amazing new families.

WARNING : 8 Beautiful Babes are Blogged here!  It's a long one but so worth a scroll through.  Enjoy XXX

sitter sessions in the geelong studio of bella arte photography.jpg

Beautiful Tori {above} reminded me so much of my middle child.  She was super quick to move around and such a petite, happy little thing.  Those teeth need a special mention I think along with those big sparkly eyes of hers.  I couldn't get enough of the little burgundy outfit her mum put her in.  So absolutely beautiful. 


Aah Thomas.  Little man.  He too was a happy little thing.  Quite content to sit for me and was thoroughly entertained by our silly voices and funny faces.  Thomas and his family have their fair share of life's trials and I was so happy to be able to give them some happy memories of this time in his life.  It's a reminder of why we do this amazing job!

Neds SITTER SESSION-Bella Arte Photography.jpg
Ned SITTER Session Geelong Studio-9221.jpg

I have been lucky enough to photograph Ned and his family 4 times now, starting with his mum's Maternity session while pregnant with the handsome Ned.  The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Ned is how LOVEABLE he is!  His gentle nature and loveable grin makes me smile.  He was on the move for sure during his session so I made sure I captured those dimply hands and chubby legs while he made sure there were some head chops and pics of him flying past!!  I love them all.

OK. Time to stop for a minute and appreciate just how cute this little man is...  Aside from 110% suiting his name, George, he to is a softy ready to dish out smiles wherever he can.  I love everything from his auburn hair, dimpled bottom, his little man braces down to his own Daddy's hat.  George's family too have returned a few times and to think that I have that special memory of seeing his dad smother him in kisses soon after birth to this moment right here, starting to move, I'm a lucky gal!  That's for sure.


Maggie came to me with the most giant bow I ever did see.  Oh how much it suited her and those bold colors matched her gorgeous nature.  She was one of the chubby ones from the day much like my first was and I can't tell you how much I love me some chubby baby.  Those legs!   


Will was my little shy guy for the day, can you tell?  I am so blown away by how much you can see their little personalities in such a short and sweet session!  They each were so individual and different in nature that I found myself wondering how the next could be any more different after all the babes I'd had so far?  Well Will came in happy, a little shy, just waiting and watching all the time.   His session was one of the easiest of them all because he was happy with being still and didn't even seem to mind the great big camera in his face!

Sitter Session Bella Arte Studio Geelong -7414-Edit.jpg

I mean, if you are not grinning from ear to ear something is wrong!?  HAHA I love this!!!  Patrick, otherwise known as Patty, actually posed himself like this!!!!!!!  I couldn't believe it.  What a little man!!  His mumma sang him songs the whole session and I honestly can see the whole happy mum, happy baby scenario in this family.  I also took his Newborn pics and I can't tell you how happy this session with little man Patty made me.  So Much Joy! 

Oliver SITTER Session-8090.jpg

Last but absolutely not least was Oliver.  Ollie, goodness, he was so adorable.  I remember he was kinda sad but he was so happy at the same time.  Amazingly he managed to pull out these heart stopping smiles for me to capture during his visit.  His mum brought along Ollie's own dad's outfit that he wore as a baby himself!!!  I couldn't believe how perfect it was and particularly cute on Ollie.  Such a special thing to do and I hope the family enjoyed seeing those images as much as I loved taking them.  Gorgeous ollie and his bubbles survived the session easily even if he was sad/happy.