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When Cara contacted me to photograph her newborns to say I was elated is a complete understatement.  I mean anyone who knows me, knows I love newborns.  But newborns times TWO!??!!?  Amazing, amazing, amazing.  I was thrilled to have this opportunity and it's not lost on me the trust that is given to me at a time like this.  The privilege I feel to be able to go into my clients homes and document for a few moments, snippets of their lives is truly remarkable!

All through the session I kept saying, oooh boy, how cute are they?  They are so beautiful!  Aww how gorgeous!  Wow, look at them.  Hahaha.  I'm sure it got old but I was seriously blown away.  It has been a couple of years since I had photographed newborn twins (HELLO PENNY!!) so I enjoyed every single minute!

Thankyou again Cara for having me there at this crazy awesome time in your life.  I bet you feel like you won the lottery with your beautiful babies while at the same time too tired to fully enjoy it.  I hope these images will help you down the track to see how much you invested of yourself and how beautiful (and tiny!) your little family is.

Cara Twin LIFESTYLE-0352.jpg

Sienna, 20 months.  Harper & Samson, 20 days old.

Cara Twin LIFESTYLE-0356.jpg
Cara Twin LIFESTYLE-0022.jpg
Cara Twin LIFESTYLE-0064.jpg
Geelong Twin Home Lifestyle Session with Cara
Cara Twin LIFESTYLE-9992.jpg
Geelong Lifestyle Photographer with Twins

All the beautiful little expressions...

Cara Twin LIFESTYLE-0095.jpg

You know what is amazing? 

All of the images you see here were shot in ONE ROOM!

We stuck to the Main Bedroom either on the bed or using the babies beautiful round cots. 

There is a time and a place for having your hair and makeup done, kids dressed perfectly and the house spotless.  If your session isn't that time and place, I hope you can see that none of that is needed in order for you to make sure you get those beautiful early memories captured forever.

Take note too, mum is in the images, which is really so amazing to me, because after having twins and juggling feeding and toddler time, Cara was such a champ, still getting in the photos.  I know she won't regret this!  One day, when her 3 babies are older, she will be able to show them these images of that time that flew by so fast, no one had time to even blink.

Thankyou for stopping by!