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Geelong 1950's Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session with : Ally & Andrew from THE VINTAGE VALLEY

Admittedly on my way to this particular session, I found myself quite nervous and giddy with anticipation, knowing it was going to be different to any other shoot I had done before.  Ally is the beauty behind THE VINTAGE VALLEY and along with her husband Andrew, they are very much in tune to the 1950's and their vintage styling.

Ally and Andrew had welcomed beautiful baby boy Eddie-Ray into their lives on December 14th, 2017 and he was every bit as delicious as you could imagine.  

Ally didn't disappoint with her stunning hair and makeup, beautiful 1950's dress and her newest love, the most handsome Eddie-Ray.  

Eddie-Ray really wasn't in the mood for his photo shoot and if I remember rightly he slept for all of about 5 seconds while I was there!  So we went with the flow and kept the session as simple as possible.

Eddie-Ray Geelong NEWBORN SESSION.jpg

As we moved around the house, it felt like as though all these things Ally & Andrew have chosen to surround themselves with had their own stories and memories attached to them and brought me into remembrance of things that had passed through my own life and been long forgotten.  

Having come from a family who always had an Elvis song playing in the house and I Love Lucy on tv, I couldn't have loved this session more.  I may have squealed with delight when Andrew put on some tunes and proceeded to take me further into this amazing time warp I was in.

Thank you so much for having me in your beautiful home, Ally & Andrew.  Eddie-Ray is absolutely gorgeous and I look forward to seeing more of him growing and changing on The Vintage Valley socials.

1950's style NEWBORN SESSION in Geelong

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