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Sunset + Bellies : Geelong Family Maternity Session

Maternity Sessions are COMPLIMENTARY when you book your Newborn Session before 35 weeks.


Jess Henderson MATERNITY SESSION-0880-Edit.jpg

The sun is setting...

A family is growing...

A new baby is coming.

jess henderson sneak peak-0835-Edit.jpg

The last days as a family before your little one arrives is often emotional and exhausting.  Sometimes the 'nesting' has taken over and preparations for the new baby are well underway.  For others, life has been too busy to focus on what is coming and the belly just keeps growing, not allowing you to truly forget.  

I know when I spoke to Jess during this time, there was already so much love for her little one and every day seemed so long while she waited.

Jess Henderson MATERNITY SESSION-0419.jpg

John & Jess suffered a miscarriage during her last pregnancy, so the joy of her growing belly was always shared with sadness for the little one they never got to meet.


Course, it's amazing what you can handle when you face it together.

Jess Henderson MATERNITY SESSION-0865-Edit.jpg

Jess, John + Aaliyah, February 2018

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