30 Minutes

Studio Session

3 Prismatic Place, Leopold

Edited Images will be provided via a private gallery for viewing PROOFS & downloading.

Individual Packages


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 12 Digital Images


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12 FINE ART Prints - 5x7

12 Digital Images


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3 Matted 7 x 10"

12 Digital Images

two dates only

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Possibly NOV - TBA

Session Details

  • There will be two set ups available per session, one on a white floor and a bean bag, particularly for those babies who aren't quite so steady yet.  


  • OUTFIT changes are welcome!  Nappy covers are a great idea if you would prefer your baby dressed.  Other suggestions to add to your outfits are hats, braces/bow ties, hair accessories etc.  And we can even do some in their birthday suits too!  If you aren't sure at all about outfits, keeping it simple with a little white singlet and nappy is totally fine.


  • Neutral COLORS photograph well in the studio but I love some color too.  Please keep in mind if you use strong colors, they will often cause a color cast on your baby's skin.  So try to keep the colors as muted as possible.  This applies also to mothers who will be helping their babies sit.  If you wear a bright red top and you are near your baby during the shoot, you will throw red onto your babies skin.  This makes for a terrible time editing later!


  • I have blankets and wraps in the studio but if you have a small favourite/sentimental item you would like to bring with you to the session, please do.


  • If your baby is upset during the session, I won't continue unless they settle.  We can take a few minutes to wait but if it appears they need some time out, I will move on to the next appointment if possible and try again once that one is finished.  Feel free to come earlier than your allocated time and stay longer if need be.  


  • There will be an area set up for those waiting their turn or those who may like to stay after their session to mingle.  Please feel free to bring yourself some snacks or a small plate of food to share.  



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Please note:

There are a few spaces left on the 2nd date.

Prices quoted are for the Mini Sitters Group Promotion with a minimum of 6+ Sitter's.

Prices listed here are promotional only and will not apply to any other session at any other time.