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Something I hear often from those who love the idea of a lifestyle session but have their doubts that it could work for their family and their home.  You think of dishes, fingerprints, messy kids, bathrooms etc.  Just remember, I'm thinking newborn peely skin, textures, cuddles, newborn stretches and beautiful light.  The dishes can wait. 

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For some it's about themselves... I'm so tired, I feel awful, swollen and not myself.  I totally get this and always respect this time in your life after 9 months of carrying your newborn.  This is not a portrait session at all, lifestyle is about interaction, connection and stories.  I don't need you to look a million dollars for you to love an image of yourself with your beautiful family and would love to have the opportunity to show you this.  


My middlest (as she used to say!) daughter used to do this thing...  From birth, she would always need to be up close to our skin.  As soon as she was able, she would reach out and as odd as it sounds, she would touch our skin, usually our necks.  She would kind of pinch the skin between her thumb and finger but because she was so tiny, it was sweet and didn't hurt at all.  It's a beautiful memory we have and one my husband, still talks about to this day.  The awful thing is, I can't find one photo of it...  I really wish I had one photo to match our memory.      

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