studio newborn

preparation & information


It's almost time for your session!

I would love for you to arrive stress free and as relaxed as possible so have a read through and these tips will help put your mind at ease.


before your session

If you are bringing siblings along with your newborn it will help if you can begin to prepare the kids before the session by telling them we’ll have a fun time with the photographer and maybe she’ll even let them take a couple of their own pictures! I’ll spend some time at their level before jumping straight into things to ensure they feel comfortable with me. Even with all our efforts sometimes kids will not have a bar of the photoshoot and at these times its great if you can have a few ideas up your sleeve for something you might do together or even treats to share after the session. Anything will help!

Treats during the shoot can get a bit messy so if you can bring a dry snack for actual shooting time that would be great.  All other snacks can be eaten just outside the shooting space.  

feed time

When you arrive, I will show you to the studio and while you make yourself comfortable I will get you some water, show you where the amenities are and spend a few minutes getting helping you to settle in.  This is a great time to feed your baby.  I find it will settle your baby  and we can move onto some sleepy newborn poses quickly.  If your baby has started to fall asleep during the feed, I will want to move quickly from this point to maximise that beautiful sleepy time.  If you are having a more Lifestyle feel to your session then the feed will still help to keep your baby nice and settled.  A microwave is available for use, a comfy chair, burp cloths, wipes etc.

during the session

Once your baby is a sleep or mostly settled, I will move him/her to the bean bag (where I pose the baby to take photos) to get started on some curly poses.  If your baby isn't settling so well or isn't sleepy I may begin with wrapping baby and starting with some family and sibling photos.  Then we can try again with a feed before bean bag posing.  I am fully led during the session by both the newborn and toddlers.  If something just isn't working out, that's ok, I'll do my best to either come back to it when the time is right or we'll just move on.  The last thing I want is for you or your toddler to be getting stressed, I would rather move on and keep everyone happy and revisit should the opportunity become available.

Typically a session will go for about 2-3 hours.  Newborns cannot be rushed!  You can expect nappy changes, feeds and sometimes more feeds and of course lots of settling.  It is good to allow time for these things so that the session can go as smoothly as possible.  Sometimes there are accidents during the session which means we'll need to take a minute to switch out the blankets and wraps and get your baby cleaned up.  This is all totally ok and to be expected!

I will guide you throughout the session with a suggestion here or there, so there’s no need to stress about double chins, how to stand or if your hair is messy. I’ll fix anything that needs addressing at the time, so just relax and enjoy the process. Parents are best to keep following my direction and I’ll do my best to get the kids attention for you. Even if I have to behave like a clown or something crazy! 

If you will be inviting grandparents and other family members please let me know so I can be prepared for the numbers to provide for.

Nothing is going to plan!

Never mind at all if you end up having to feed before you arrive or your toddler has food all over his/her clothes.  The last thing I want is for anyone to arrive stressed and unsettled because they have a very hungry upset baby or a stressed mum because the clothes aren't perfect!  My sessions are very much led by you and your family and if we need change all the plans then that's what we will do. Photoshop can do wonders for those toddler clothes stains, hormonal breakouts and baby milk spots.

Dress in layers  

The studio gets quite warm with the heater on as Newborns are unable to regulate their own body temperature so when they are getting stripped down for their beautiful curly poses, the heat will be pumping and you will be glad you layered up.  Usually everyone is quite lovely and sweaty by the end of a Newborn Session!  Nice hey?!



If you are bringing siblings to the session, please bring with you suitable snacks, drinks and toys to keep them entertained.  I will do my best to keep the session flowing and will introduce the sibling when I feel the time is right.  Should the sibling be disinterested in the session, I will continue as normal and then try again a few minutes later.  Some families bring 2 cars to the session or even have a grandparent involved who may be able to take the child for a break in case its needed.  If the sibling and family shots are finished then they are free to go and need not be there for the full session.  Oh and the grandparents are welcome to join in for a few images too if they like!  


If you or anyone in the family is feeling sick, please let me know at the earliest convenience so that we can find you a new session time.  If there is a reason you cannot make it to your session, I would appreciate 48 hours notice where possible.


Most STUDIO sessions are booked at 10am.  If you are running a few minutes late please don't stress. I know what its like to have a newborn and time becomes a difficult reality for a little while.  If you think you will be much later, please text me and let me know in case I need to make arrangements following the session if it is to run late.  


Bella Arte Photography operates in a home studio at 3 Prismatic Place Leopold.  Leopold is about 15 minutes from Geelong CBD. There is plenty of room to sit, feed and change your baby.  I recommend you go via Moss Road off the Portarlington Highway to save yourself some time. 



What to wear?

The most important thing is to be comfortable, complimentary & cohesive.  Greys, whites, creams & pastels in general are all a good choice for a base color. Layering can work a treat, so think about using hats, scarves, braces, jackets, bowties, leggings, hair clips etc. as these are just a few suggestions of how to layer. I find textures photograph well too if you would like to consider adding texture to your outfit.  You are welcome to have a change of clothing too the session unless its a Mini then it might be difficult to find the time to change. If you would like to chat further about your styling, please feel free to contact me for some ideas.


hair and makeup

The cost for hair and makeup is $150 and is paid at the session directly to the hair and makeup artist.  You are welcome to do your own of course but it is lovely to just show up, be pampered and relax.  Should you decide you would like hair and makeup, please let me know as soon as you can and I'll make the arrangements for you.  If you would like to choose your own, feel free to have your MUA get in touch with me to work out the details.

If you  have any questions regarding your session at all, please feel free to message or call me anytime!   I'm looking forward to your session!