1 Hour

Home or Location


Lifestyle Sessions come in a few different forms but the ingredients involved are the same in every case. To produce a non posed series of images which depict a time or situation as it is no matter where you are or who is involved.  

When you are in your own home, Lifestyle Family means you can get your creative on and do something interesting like baking with the kids, play hide and seek or any little rituals your family have formed together.  Pets are welcome to join in too!

Lifestyle Newborn is particularly special because there is much change and chaos that its difficult to remember much as the days fly by.  I will make sure you have images showcasing how tiny (or not so tiny!) your beautiful baby is and the newness of the experience for everyone, especially the big little people!  

If you are worried about how your older children will be during a photo session, this is the best session for you.  Your child is likely to be interested sometimes and other times will want to go and do something else.  This is totally fine and often produces the best results. 

On arrival I will have a chat with the family first and give the kids some time to warm up around me before getting the camera out.  

Lifestyle Newborn does not have a time constraint, although some time in the first 6 weeks after birth is recommended.